A Moody Columbia - bradywolf

January 10, 2018

I was all set to return to Seattle and pickup where I left off in at the end of October, but at some point over the holiday, I realized that I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Having sold my house late in 2017, I had the means and time to travel, see the world!

Okay, so many wouldn't think of Washougal/Camas/Trout Lake as "world travel" but they've served as staging area before jumping back on the road and out, into the world.  So, over these last couple of months, I've been researching my travel destinations, tweaking my transportation, and getting my knees back in shape for the invariable trails that I like to hike whenever/wherever I can find them ...

Of course, I usually have my camera with me ...  So when the clouds set in and air was unusually still, I took a drive up the Columbia to see if I could capture the mirror calm of the river ...

At Rooster Rock State Park, Oregon

At Rooster Rock State Park, Oregon